The International Plastics and Rubber exhibition RUPLASTICA Russia 2024



The International Plastics and Rubber exhibition RUPLASTICA Russia 2024

January 11, 2024

The end of 2023, 2024 Russia International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition as the new Dacheng 2024 to participate in the first exhibition is also about to open in Moscow, Russia.

Exhibition time: January 23-26, 2024.

Venue: Expocentr Exhibition Center, Moscow.

Exhibition introduction:

In January 2024, RUPLASTICA will once again demonstrate the stability of its plants, ready to become important representatives of the entire polymer and processed materials and technology industry

A link. RUPLASTICA is all about innovation and technology! It is an effective platform for b2b business promotion, experience and innovation exchange, and can exchange current trends in the aggregation industryPotential, here you can find the whole process of raw materials and equipment to the logistics and sales of the final product, and establish contact with customers face to face.

At that time, New Dachong will show the global industry ① high-speed internal patch drip irrigation belt production line, ② high-speed cylindrical drip irrigation pipe production line, ③PET/PP packaging belt productionLine, ④EVA/POE solar packaging film production line, ⑤ planetary granulation production line and other products. It focuses on the basis of agricultural irrigation and waste recycling.

Base equipment market demand, uphold the spirit of innovation and creativity to create overall solutions and product upgrades that meet customer needs.

High-speed chip drip irrigation belt production line has industry-leading technical features:

1. The production speed is as high as 350m/min, the wall thickness is 0.12-0.9mm, the dropper spacing is 100-1000mm, and the double screening pan + storage disk low head transmission technology is adopted.

2. Set up automatic drip storage and cache system, no shutdown, timely meet the drip automatic supply

3. The main machine adopts servo motor drive system, the production line is more energy saving, high speed and stability

4. Extruder head: using German technology, non-adjustable wall thickness

5. Equipped with one-key automatic tube pulling device

6. The winder is equipped with European advanced parallel winder storage device

7. Automatic punching machine: three sets, speed: 3000 times per minute

8. Configure online automatic imaging analysis and monitoring punching system: monitor punching status, realize automatic error alarm function, and ensure the qualified rate of product punching

PP/PET production line has industry-leading technology and equipment features:

1. Packing belt specifications 5-19mm,9-32mm, extrusion number 2,4,8,12, output 200-900KG/H.

2. Efficient raw material processing technology and PET special screw with special design, single and twin screw extruder are available.

3. With PLC controlled continuous backwash filter net changer, using European technology, does not affect product quality.

4. Equipped with heating unit, automatic temperature control system and high-performance insulation layer, with special design of hot oven.

5. The embossing machine can accurately adjust the upper and lower position of the embossing roller and the embossing strength.

6. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy and quality of the belt, the packaging heat setting device is used.

7. With single-station and double-station servo winder can be selected, automatically adjust the winding tension, control the width and distance of the belt line, greatly reduce the curvature of the belt, guarantee

The tape is suitable for automatic packing equipment.

EVA/POE solar cell packaging film production equipment with industry leading technology equipment features:

1. Product width 250-2500mm(online cutting), product thickness 0.3-0.6mm(online adjustable), production speed 4-20m/min.

2. With mature EVA/POE solar film equipment solutions, the optimal shrinkage rate, the smallest gram weight error, fast adjustment reaction, intelligent control for the establishment of quality

Full control system.

3. According to the needs of customers can be diversified customization: single screw, multi-screw, flat double screw, double stage machine, etc. Raw material modification equipment for customers to shorten the supply chain and save costs.

4. Joint control thickness measurement/automatic thickness measurement to provide guarantee for high-quality production, and defect detection network to establish product three-dimensional map, intuitive and rapid problem analysis and prediction.

5. Provide on-site layout and public engineering solutions, provide customers with a full set of engineering support, one-stop solution to customers' project construction problems.

PET planetary extrusion granulation line has industry-leading technology and equipment features:

1. Production line output is divided into 150Kg/h and 300kg/h

2. Due to the production of PVC, PE and other plastic granulation

3. Complete set of material making equipment composed of single screw extruder or conical twin screw extruder and corresponding material making auxiliary machine

4. Auxiliary machine adopts air feed aggregate, vibration separation and cooling, which has the characteristics of high automation and high production efficiency

5. The production of plastic particles is uniform, dense and beautiful.

High-speed cylindrical drip irrigation pipe production line has the following outstanding features:

1. The production speed is up to 120m/min, the wall thickness is up to 0.5-1.5mm, the dropper spacing is 100-1000mm, and the dropper screening and conveying technology and automatic centering head technology are available.

2 Extrusion system: According to user requirements, choose single layer extrusion, or double layer co-extrusion to reduce raw material costs.

3. Advanced automatic dripper conveying equipment, to achieve stable and accurate dripper conveying, supply, and perfect adhesion with the inner wall of drip irrigation.

4. The perforating device adopts servo perforating machine, and four perforating machines punch holes in dislocation to ensure the accuracy and stability of the perforating.

5. The winder is composed of double station reel, big hip rotation, wire arrangement device, frame and other mechanisms. Can be determined according to the diameter of drip irrigation pipe line spacing, each disc length setting, coil energy

Automatically adjust the winding speed and tension control as the winding changes. Automatic winding of drip irrigation pipe is realized.

The drip die has the following outstanding features:

1. Design and produce various types of dropper molds according to the form and size of the dropper required by users;

2. Drip flow: 0.6L/H-8L/H;

3.32 cavity and 64 cavity full hot runner, semi-hot runner cylindrical drip die;

4. Can design and produce dropper mold according to user requirements;

5. Mold opening cycle 4-6 seconds;

6. Hot runner mold is equipped with imported temperature control system;

7. The drip die has a long service life, and the warranty is not less than 5 million times;

8. The molds involved in New Dacheng Company have the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency

2023 is the year of breaking through and breaking through, new Dacheng always insists on providing customers with quality services and products, and bucking the trend under the change. May the New Year, new Dacheng

The new and old customers who have served can build on the past, open the road in the mountains, build Bridges in the water, and create good results in 2024.