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Our after-sales service plan

Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction service, ensure that the equipment can operate at its best performance, and do our best to ensure your maximum production stability. 

The service response time is 30 minutes, and the fault recovery time is controlled within 24 hours (spare parts replacement is determined based on the shortest actual arrival time).

1、Service method and content

New Dacheng Company provides after-sales service through five methods: telephone hotline support, regular inspection service, remote maintenance, email, and on-site support.

(1) Telephone hotline support service: If the service provider is not present at the customer's site, they provide service to the customer through the telephone hotline method, guide the customer's relevant engineers to carry out corresponding operations to complete the relevant service content, and ensure that the customer's needs can receive timely and accurate feedback.

(2) Regular patrol inspection service: According to the support service agreement signed with the customer, the technical service center of Xindacheng Company will provide regular on-site patrol or irregular telephone patrol service, work together with the customer to optimize the performance of the system, diagnose the system, and communicate with the customer about the daily maintenance management of the system, so as to provide regular preventive maintenance services for the customer.

(3) Remote maintenance: New Dacheng Company engineers are unable to visit the customer's site, but can access the customer's system network through dial-up or other network access methods to directly diagnose, analyze, and maintain the customer's system.

(4) Email service: Customers' technical or non-technical questions and suggestions can be sent via email to the company's technical support email. The company has dedicated personnel to read and respond promptly.

(5) On site support services: For complex projects, the company's professional and technical personnel can come to the customer's site and solve substantive problems for them through careful investigation and research.

2、Service period

The services provided by the company are divided into two types based on different service periods: 5 * 8 and 7 * 24.

5 * 8 refers to the service period of the company from 8:30 to 16:30 working hours every Monday to Friday.

7 * 24 refers to the service period from 0:00 to 24:00 every Monday to Sunday.

(1) Response time: The service response time provided by the company to customer system failure service requests shall not exceed half an hour.

(2) Arrival time on site: In the event of a customer system malfunction, if on-site resolution is required, the company will dispatch engineers to resolve the issue. 

3. Post technical training

The company will provide customers with long-term technical and business consulting, communication, and local training on products and technologies. The specific training content, time, and location will be fully listened to by the client's opinions. After analysis, our suggestions will be proposed, and after confirmation by both parties, a reasonable training plan will be developed.

4. Other service commitments

(1) Product Quality Assurance

Guarantee: The goods provided are brand new and unused, using the best materials and first-class craftsmanship, and meeting the specified quality, specifications, and performance requirements in all aspects.

(2) Installation of equipment

The company will assign senior engineers to collaborate with manufacturer engineers to carry out on-site installation at the installation site.

(3) Equipment debugging

The company assigns senior engineers and manufacturer engineers to jointly be responsible for debugging the equipment.

(4) Personnel dispatch commitment

To ensure that the project can be carried out on schedule, with high quality and efficiency from the beginning of design, construction, testing, acceptance, maintenance and other stages, our company has dispatched experienced and high-level professional engineers to cooperate with the procurement party for a long time to carry out the work.

(5) Other commitments

a. If encountering equipment improvements or functional upgrades, our company will provide technical support to customers;

b. Establish customer profiles to ensure that customers enjoy fast and good service

c. Adhere to the regular follow-up system and establish close contact with customers.


Our excellent equipment quality and comprehensive technical services solve your worries and ensure that your equipment maintains optimal operation. Xindacheng is worthy of your trust. Please believe that our equipment is the best choice for your pursuit of truly high-quality, efficient, and energy-saving production.