PVC Wave Tile Production Line




PVC Wave Tile Production Line

The unit is comprised by a twin conical screws extruder SJSZ-65x22 and corresponding wave plate forming machine , tractor and cutting machine , can be used for continuous produce structural season resistance UPVC color block igniting plastic cement wave plate,if replacing the relevant components,the line can produce the chequer plank,possess steady molding performance,tight structure, high automation degree.


1. PLC or intelligent control system, easy to operate.

2. Advanced temperature control system, precise in temperature control, reduce energy consumption, improve production efficiency and product quality.

3. Automatic frequency conversion adjustment, being synchronous with production line.

4. Rolled type plate, one-time forming, uniform thickness,s tanle horizonta cut-oft contro. nich precision in svnchronous cutfno. fo ensure smooth cut. sma  cutting noseclosed dust collection.

5. We produce single plate, double plate and multilayer plate based on user's requirements.

Application and characteristics

Widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses, residence, carport, farmers market, road boarding and other permanentbuildings, especially suitable for corrosive industries such as ceramic production workshop, chemical fertilizer warehousezinc plating plant, aluminum plant, chemical plant, etc..

1.Good waterproof

2. Be good at self-cleaning3. Body stability. Even if the temperature changes greatly, its performance of thermal expansion and contraction can beself-digested, to ensure stable!

2. light in weight;

3. Good flame retardancy:

4. Be good at insulation, sound insulation and thermal insulation.

5. Excellent impact resistance,

6. Excellent corrosion resistance,


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