Polyurethane insulation pipe equipment




Polyurethane insulation pipe equipment

The insulation pipe produced by polyurethane insulation pipe equipment has a three-layer structure from the inside out:

The first layer: working steel pipe layer: Seamless steel pipes, spiral steel pipes, and straight seam steel pipes are generally selected according to the design and customer requirements. After the surface of the steel pipe is treated with advanced shot blasting and rust removal technology, the rust removal level of the steel pipe can reach Sa2 level in the GB8923-1988 standard, and the surface roughness can reach R=12.5 micrometers in the GB6060.5-88 standard

The second layer: polyurethane insulation layer: it is made by injecting the original liquid of rigid polyurethane foam into the cavity formed between the steel pipe and the outer protective layer with a high-pressure foaming machine, which is commonly known as "pipe in pipe foaming"

Third layer: high-density polyethylene protective layer: prefabricated black or yellow polyethylene plastic pipes with a certain wall thickness. Its function is to protect the polyurethane insulation layer from mechanical damage, and to prevent corrosion and waterproofing.


● The insulation layer and anti-corrosion layer are simultaneously coated on the steel pipe, allowing for continuous operation, high efficiency, and low cost.

● Online shot blasting for rust removal and online spraying for rust prevention treatment.

● Online fully automatic hydraulic automatic deviation correction machine, with high accuracy, stability, and reliability.

● The pipeline transportation adopts multiple rubber wheel compression transmission, and the steel pipe transmission is stable and straight.

● Wide range of pipeline production: 48-1000mm.


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