Buried corrugated pipe




Buried corrugated pipe

The reinforced (GFB) corrugated sleeve for buried high-voltage power cables produced by the production equipment of reinforced corrugated pipes for buried high-voltage cables is a single-wall corrugated pipe material made of modified reinforced polypropylene and extruded. It has excellent ring stiffness and heat resistance, and adopts a special "ring groove" shaped irregular section form in structural design. This type of pipe design is novel and reasonable, breaking through the traditional plate structure of ordinary pipes, Ensure that the pipes have sufficient compressive and impact strength, as well as good flexibility. And using new materials, it is a green and environmentally friendly pipe material.


Application field

Suitable for underground protection of power, control cables, communication optical cables, and cables.

Pipe specification

There are four main specifications: inner diameter 100, 150, 175, and 200mm

Construction process

1. Check whether the appearance of the pipes and sealing rings is intact and whether the sizes match.

2. Manually or mechanically place the pipe into the groove.

3. Clean the connecting parts and sealing rings of the pipes and evenly apply lubricating oil.

4. Place the sealing ring inside the corrugated groove of the pipe.

5. Install the buckle connecting pipe fittings.

6. Check whether the sealing ring is in place, whether the pipeline shaft is straight, and whether the pipe is well connected to the foundation. 

7. If hot melt connection is required, refer to the M-PP solid wall pipe welding method.

Connection method

Generally, buckle type connection is used, and in special cases, heat capacity connection can be used.


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