Packing device



-1_0000_新 滴灌带打包机
-1_0001_新 滴灌带打包机(原文)
-1_0000_新 滴灌带打包机
-1_0001_新 滴灌带打包机(原文)

Packing device

Cylinder Wrapping machine is suitable for packaging cylindrical objects, especially for a closed wrapping small cylindrical goods, such as: Drip irrigation pipe reel, coil, rubber and small paper disc packaging. Small cylindrical Wrapping machine features are: lightweight, flexible, and easy to operate.


Be used to wrap volume irrigation pipe.

Winding layer number and frequency can be set through program control unit.

With switch protection device and emergency stop switch device. Through HMI

Set various usage parameters.

To realize man-machine dialogue, the display screen display the running state of the equipment at any time.

It has the function of measuring and zero cleaning on-shift output and total output.

Film-broken or film-lack can be automatically detected and pause processing to suspend processing.

The main parameters:

● Wrapped specifications Ф: 300-800mm.

● Width:300-500mm.

● Packing efficiency:20-40 volume/hour.

● Turntable bearing:600kg.

● Speed:0-12pm(Adjustable Frequency).

● Turntable height:460mm.

● Machine weight:300kg.

● Dimensions:2000mmx2895mm×2270mm.

● Power / Voltage:1.0kw/AC380V.


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