PET bottle crushing and recycling plant




PET bottle crushing and recycling plant

◆ Heavy duty granulator;

◆ Metal detector;

◆ Long service life cutting blades;

◆ Machinery components are made with stainless steel;

◆ High automation;

◆ Special label separating unit;

◆ Final PET flakes with a very high degree purity;

◆ Modular design lakes the line flexible;it is possible to change the order of the machines,to add new ones, ect.


● PET breaking and cleaning technology.

● Heavy duty granulator with stable work performance.

● Automatic metal detector svstem.

● Long life cutting blade made by high quality steel , resistant and durable.

● Water contact components all made by stainless steel.

● Hiah-standard automatic cleaning equipment.

● Special design for label separating device.

● First-grade flakes have been made after washing.

● Modular design for variety of combinations, easy to change your requirements.


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