Customer order | full power busy production, riveting full drive to catch orders!



Customer order | full power busy production, riveting full drive to catch orders!

April 15, 2024

Spring ploughing, agricultural resources first. In recent days, Qingdao Xin Dacheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has seized the favorable opportunity to start the full line in spring, and the production lines have stepped up production at full power to ensure the supply of agricultural materials in the market and meet the needs of spring farming production.

Recently, in the production workshop of Qingdao Xin Dacheng, machinery and equipment rumble, mold production line runs 24 hours, workers perform their duties, skillfully operate equipment for production, careful preparation, strict control, our packaging equipment, drip mold, drip irrigation equipment, etc., in March and April smoothly produced, passed the customer's acceptance. In order to ensure the delivery of the project on schedule, quality and quantity, Qingdao Xin Dacheng vehicles loaded with drip irrigation belts, packaging belts and molds were shipped.

After investigation and comparison, users in Russia and Turkey believe that Qingdao Xin Dacheng's equipment is far superior to other manufacturers in terms of quality, cost performance, brand integrity, etc. Among them, the inlaid drip irrigation pipe production line is a water-saving drip irrigation technology project jointly promoted by Xin Dacheng, European AAS company and Water Resources and hydropower Research Institute. The production line speed is as high as 350-450m/min when using raw materials. In terms of dripper design, it has the advantages of 3D water inlet - high blockage resistance, processing technology - ultra-high precision, dripper weight - ultra-light 0.1g!

Qingdao Xin Dacheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. fully guarantees the technical quality, produces excellent drip irrigation equipment, continues to promote the development of efficient water-saving agriculture in countries and regions along the "Belt and Road", pursues high-speed quality improvement, meets the needs of agricultural production, accumulates good corporate reputation in the market, and contributes to the sustainable development of drip irrigation industry!