High speed thin-wall flat irrigation pipe production line



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High speed thin-wall flat irrigation pipe production line

◆ Can be produced using 100% pure recycled materials

◆ Automatic screening device for drippers: one, providing a dripper speed of 1800 pieces/minute

◆ Set up a fully automatic drip storage and caching system that does not shut down and meets drip requirements in a timely manner

◆ Automatic supply

◆ The host adopts a frequency conversion or DC system

◆ Extruder head: Adopting German technology, without adjusting wall thickness

◆ One click automatic pipe pulling device (optional)

◆ The winding machine is equipped with advanced parallel winding and storage devices in Europe

◆ Automatic punching machines: two, speed: 1500 times per minute






Production speed

Distance of dripper

High Speed Thin-wall Flat Irrigation Pipe Production Line

Single Screening + Storage



300 m/min




"ZEANON" is an independent brand developed by Qingdao

Xindacheng together with European well-known drip line.

Zeanon products cover all aspects of the drip irrigation field, including water-saving irrigation technology & machinery, engineering design, drip products and drip irrigation pipe extrusion line. It is also called drip irrigation pipe extrusion line, drip irrigation pipe production line, drip irrigation pipe machine.

● Can use 100% recycled material production.

● Dripper feeder device: one sets. dripper feeding speed:


● Have dripper buffer device, make sure non-stop machinery even if happen bad quality dripper block on feeder.

● Extruder: AC or DC drive.

● Extruder die head & calibrating: Germany technology, thickness adjustable.

● Configuration: One-button automatic pipe-holding dripper insert device.

● Irrigation pipe accumulator: equipped with the most advanced

European parallel accumulator device.

● Automatica driling device: 2 units. speed: 1500times/min.

● Configure online automatic imaging analysis and monitoring punching system: monitor the punching status, realize the error automatic alarm function, and ensure the product punching rate.

● Line speed: 300m/min, it is the fastest production efficiency in the world.

● dripper space 100mm, speed: 150m/min.

● dripper space 200mm, speed: 300m/min.

● dripper space 300mm, speed: 300m/min.


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